Friday, August 6, 2010

How to Reduce bounce rate of  a Website??

Bounce Rate measures the effectiveness and popularity of your website. It is just the calculation of visitors who visits your site. With the help of bounce rate you can calculate whether your site is interesting or annoying for visitors. The more a bounce rate, the more your site is interesting and popular for visitors.

Take an example: If 100 people visit your website and 80 people out of 100 just click on your link and moves away and closes your page then your bounce rate will be 80% which is not a good indication of site popularity and it is not acceptable. On other hand, If 100 people visit your website and 20 people out of 
100 people close their browser or move on some other page. It means your bounce rate is 20% and it means your site is popular and interesting. It is a good  indication of a site and acceptable.

There may be pleanty of reasons of increasing Bounce Rate. Some of them are as below:

1. Interesting Topic: Write True and interesting topic. At the time of writing your time just think like user. If they will not find your topic interesting, relevant and true then they will move from your page and look for some other option or website.

2. Size of the Contents: It is one of the main factor to increase the bounce rate. In this modern age, noone has that much of time that they will be sitted longer to read your contents. So write true information in simple and short manner.

3. Page Design: The page design/Presentation should be luring to visitors. It helps to attract visitors. At least for watching the design/presentaton they will spend some more time on your site.

4. Loading time: It should be minimum. Because it is the tendency of the visitor not to wait for longer for a site of opening. There are numbers of site available of the same information and these are just few clicks away.

5. Publicity/Ads: Advertising used for the publicity of the website. It should not be stuffed with your main contents. It should be aside with clean layout. so that user whosoever want to see will click on it.

6. Keyword Stuffing: Avoid keyword stuffing. It may penalize your site. on the other hand, Users also feel annoying reading keyword stuffed contents. At the time of writing contents keep in mind that it should be Search Engine friendly as well as for users interests.

7. The color of Link: It is a mistake followed by most of the webmaster. They change the color of the link different color. It not only avoids the decoraton of your site but also makes confused to visitor to click on centain link.

8. Page Navigation: If you are linking any page with other page then it should be active and related to the link text of the internal pages. so whenever the user want to see more of the topic he can click on link text see more information.

The above factors will work on improving the page rank and minimizing the bounce rate.


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