Monday, October 25, 2010

Easy and Simple ways to bring your site on first page in Google, Yahoo and Bing

This is an Internet Era. Now a days, everyone, who owns a Business, wants traffic to his/her sites to grow the Business and sale of Product. It is the tendency of the people to look for the information of any product on Popular Search Engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc before purchasing it. So it has become essential for company to create a site or blog and promote it so that it should appear on first page or first position in the Popular Search Engine.
Creating a Website, Purchasing a Domain and hosting is very easy task. But Promoting a website or Blog to appear in major search engine on first page or first position may take few months to few years.

How to promote a site or Blog so that it should appear on 1st page in Search Engine?

There are numbers of SEO activities that needs to accomplish to bring a site in first page or first position in major Search Engine. Some of the SEO activities are as follows:

1.Ping it in Major Search Engine so that Search Engine can crawler it very soon.
2.Submit it in popular Directory site.
3.when sites becomes older start doing link exchange (Reciprocal or 3-ways link exchange)
4.Submit Articles on important Article Sites like,,,, etc. Create a link of your site on the Keywords you want your site to rank. It will not only help you to rank your site but also to get traffic to your site.
5.Create Social pages like Hub, Squidoo etc. Create a link on the keywords you want to rank you site. It is also important for getting traffic and rank.
6.Create your profile in Social bookmarking sites and Social networking sites and submit your site. It will help you to get instant visitors to your site.
7.Do Classified Ads on popular classified sites. It will help to grow the sale.
8.Do Forum Submission, Yahoo answering, Wiki Answers, ehow etc. It will improve your online presence and people will come to know about your business and product.
9.Do Blog commenting on Do Follow Blogs.
10.Divert traffic from your well ranked blogs to your site.
11.Submit Press Release to Press Release sites to make people aware about your new product. Etc.
Although, it seems to be easy task but it takes a lot of patience and time if you do it yourself.

Who should I contact for Promoting my Website?

SEO Services is the best search engine marketing Company. It provides best quality of Search Engine Optimization techniques to promote your sites. We have a team of dedicated and highly educated SEO Professionals who can ensure to bring your site in Top 10 organic search engine ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing. This will enhance your business profitability. They charge you very less for starting to promote your site. Once it starts ranking under ten pages then you need to pay 50% of the actual deal and when it starts to appear on under ten position in search engine then you need to pay full amount of the deal.

How to Contact SEO Services?

You can click the above link to reach to him. Fill the form and send to him. The other way to contact him is to send a mail to him. The email id is specified their on home page.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

How to get Traffic from Social Bookmarking sites???

Social bookmarking sites are very useful to drive traffic to your blog or sites. There are so many do follow social bookmarking sites which can bring a lot of traffic to your site. Some of the good social bookmarking sites are,,, etc. You just need to submit your blog or sites story on these sites. I have been successful with, and

These are few example. There are numbers of social bookmarking sites available which can drive you good traffic. You need to follow some of the golden run that are as below:

1.Pay attention to your Headlines : Write a cathy headlines. Your headline should be attractive and of users interest. Headlines are first thing visitors see and if they find it of their interest then only clink on it.

2.Write a meaningful & short description: The description should be provocative. Because it draws more attention. Never use lies and false facts to provoke interest. Because if they find it false then will instantly leave out from your page and it will increase your bounce rate.

3.Have a great first paragraph: Your first paragraph should be more interesting and emphasizing. don't let a bad first paragraph make them leave your site.

4.Content is king: your content should be fresh, attractive and true. Content is a king. If your content is just trash then you might cheat users once but don't count on repetitive visits

5.Make it easy for others to vote / bookmark your site: Make links of some good bookmarking sites below your post or content so that other people can bookmark it. You can put a bookmarking button at the end of the article, so if users like your content, they can easily post it.

6.Know when to submit: The time of submission may play a crucial role for attempts to get on first page. Many people say that they get more traffic around 3 p.m. So Bookmark your site around this time. At this time most of the people around the world surf the net.

7.Submit to the right category: Always submit your story in right category. It will help it get more popular. Submitting in different category is not useful because the people who is looking for something else is not going to click and read about your site.

8.Build on top Profile: Be a regular, old and respected user of social bookmarking site. The more your profile bel older the more your content will be give priorities. But you should be active and regular user. Many social bookmarking sites frown when users submit their own content because this feels like self-promotion.

9.Cooperate with other social bookmarkers: Vote and like for others contents. It helps to come on first position. Many stories make it to the front page not only because they are great but because they are backed up by your network of friends.

10. Submit in English: Always submit your bookmark in english. Because english is more readable language in world. Other languages like chinese, Polish, Fresh, Italian, German are also readable and spoken by small number of people. If you have to submit in Regional then translate the Title at least in english. most of the social bookmarking sites submitting anything in a language different from English is not recommendable.

11.Never submit old news: Do not submit old news. As it will not help you to become a respected user. Moreover, it will not help you to come on top.
12.Check your facts: Always write true contents of your site. If you do not submit true stories then you might also receive negative votes for your story, so if you want to avoid this, check you facts .

13.Check you spelling before Submitting: Always check the spelling of bookmarks before submitting. You can use MS. Word Grammar and Spelling Check. Some sites do not allow to edit your posts later, so if you misspell the title, the URL, or a keyword, it will stay this way forever.

14.Not all topics do well: Writing stories and submitting to it in Bookmarking sites is good. But if your story is not on popular topic then it is not going to bring more traffic.

15.Write Related Articles / Popular Articles: Write related and popular articles. Make the links on your articles so that you can keep visitor longer on your site. Besides, many users come just following the link to your article, have a look at it and then they are gone. If there will be some more links then they can stay on your site a little bit more.

16.Respond to comments on your stories: If your article gets comments, you must be proud. Always respond to commends on your stories and even better – post comments on other stories you find interesting. This is a way to make friends and to create a top-profile.

17.The snowball effect: An additional benefit of the snowball effect is that if your posting is interesting and people start blogging about it, you can get tons of backlinks from their blogs. This happened to me and the result was that my PR jumped to 6 on the next update.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Instant Approval Classfied Sites list

Friday, August 27, 2010

Instant Approval Article List

These list of Article Sites gives instant approval of submitted articles. If you want to get instant approval of your article then submit here:

Friday, August 6, 2010

How to Reduce bounce rate of  a Website??

Bounce Rate measures the effectiveness and popularity of your website. It is just the calculation of visitors who visits your site. With the help of bounce rate you can calculate whether your site is interesting or annoying for visitors. The more a bounce rate, the more your site is interesting and popular for visitors.

Take an example: If 100 people visit your website and 80 people out of 100 just click on your link and moves away and closes your page then your bounce rate will be 80% which is not a good indication of site popularity and it is not acceptable. On other hand, If 100 people visit your website and 20 people out of 
100 people close their browser or move on some other page. It means your bounce rate is 20% and it means your site is popular and interesting. It is a good  indication of a site and acceptable.

There may be pleanty of reasons of increasing Bounce Rate. Some of them are as below:

1. Interesting Topic: Write True and interesting topic. At the time of writing your time just think like user. If they will not find your topic interesting, relevant and true then they will move from your page and look for some other option or website.

2. Size of the Contents: It is one of the main factor to increase the bounce rate. In this modern age, noone has that much of time that they will be sitted longer to read your contents. So write true information in simple and short manner.

3. Page Design: The page design/Presentation should be luring to visitors. It helps to attract visitors. At least for watching the design/presentaton they will spend some more time on your site.

4. Loading time: It should be minimum. Because it is the tendency of the visitor not to wait for longer for a site of opening. There are numbers of site available of the same information and these are just few clicks away.

5. Publicity/Ads: Advertising used for the publicity of the website. It should not be stuffed with your main contents. It should be aside with clean layout. so that user whosoever want to see will click on it.

6. Keyword Stuffing: Avoid keyword stuffing. It may penalize your site. on the other hand, Users also feel annoying reading keyword stuffed contents. At the time of writing contents keep in mind that it should be Search Engine friendly as well as for users interests.

7. The color of Link: It is a mistake followed by most of the webmaster. They change the color of the link different color. It not only avoids the decoraton of your site but also makes confused to visitor to click on centain link.

8. Page Navigation: If you are linking any page with other page then it should be active and related to the link text of the internal pages. so whenever the user want to see more of the topic he can click on link text see more information.

The above factors will work on improving the page rank and minimizing the bounce rate.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Instant Approval free Directory List

We do dirctory submission to get one-way links. But most of them just ignores our link and do not approve. These all are directory list which gives instant approval.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Google Penalty Checker Tool

This tool will let you know whether your website has been pennilized and Google has imposed Penalty to your site. Just enter your website Url and click on check button. You may see different results. If there is any penalty on site then you will see That Google is imposed Penalty on this site.

Google Penalty Checker

Powered by Li'l Engine's Google Penalty Checker

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Reciprocal Links Checker Tool

Reciprocal Link Checker tool find outs the links of other site on your site and in the same way it also checks whether your site links are on others site or not. If it finds that both site have links on each others site, then it shows the Url of the other site with the Anchor Text of your site.


Reciprocal Link Manager

   Domain Name


  List of URLs where your Reciprocal Links can be found
(One on each line)




Sunday, April 25, 2010

What is SEO????????????

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is one of the tactics to increase the traffic to your web page through Search Engine. It is a tough task to get traffic from Search Engine to your web page. For this We need to optimize our web page following the rules of SERP.
These are following rules we need to follow at the time of doing SEO for our web pages:

1. Write your own fresh Content of each page. It should not be copied from somewhere else.
2. Do not use any Black Hat SEO for getting the traffic to your web pages.
3. Use Bold, Italics, Header 1, Header 2 for keyword for optimizing the content.
4. Keep the Keyword density from 3-4 percent.
5. Write the title upto 50 characters maximum
6. Write the Description 250 characters maximum.
7. Use different meta tag according to each page contents.
8. Write your Web page keyword and description in the meta tag for better search.
9. Try to get some One way link from other sites. Because Google Crawler understands it as Vote
for your web page.
10. Try to get back links from other sites which is related to your theme.