Monday, October 25, 2010

Easy and Simple ways to bring your site on first page in Google, Yahoo and Bing

This is an Internet Era. Now a days, everyone, who owns a Business, wants traffic to his/her sites to grow the Business and sale of Product. It is the tendency of the people to look for the information of any product on Popular Search Engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc before purchasing it. So it has become essential for company to create a site or blog and promote it so that it should appear on first page or first position in the Popular Search Engine.
Creating a Website, Purchasing a Domain and hosting is very easy task. But Promoting a website or Blog to appear in major search engine on first page or first position may take few months to few years.

How to promote a site or Blog so that it should appear on 1st page in Search Engine?

There are numbers of SEO activities that needs to accomplish to bring a site in first page or first position in major Search Engine. Some of the SEO activities are as follows:

1.Ping it in Major Search Engine so that Search Engine can crawler it very soon.
2.Submit it in popular Directory site.
3.when sites becomes older start doing link exchange (Reciprocal or 3-ways link exchange)
4.Submit Articles on important Article Sites like,,,, etc. Create a link of your site on the Keywords you want your site to rank. It will not only help you to rank your site but also to get traffic to your site.
5.Create Social pages like Hub, Squidoo etc. Create a link on the keywords you want to rank you site. It is also important for getting traffic and rank.
6.Create your profile in Social bookmarking sites and Social networking sites and submit your site. It will help you to get instant visitors to your site.
7.Do Classified Ads on popular classified sites. It will help to grow the sale.
8.Do Forum Submission, Yahoo answering, Wiki Answers, ehow etc. It will improve your online presence and people will come to know about your business and product.
9.Do Blog commenting on Do Follow Blogs.
10.Divert traffic from your well ranked blogs to your site.
11.Submit Press Release to Press Release sites to make people aware about your new product. Etc.
Although, it seems to be easy task but it takes a lot of patience and time if you do it yourself.

Who should I contact for Promoting my Website?

SEO Services is the best search engine marketing Company. It provides best quality of Search Engine Optimization techniques to promote your sites. We have a team of dedicated and highly educated SEO Professionals who can ensure to bring your site in Top 10 organic search engine ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing. This will enhance your business profitability. They charge you very less for starting to promote your site. Once it starts ranking under ten pages then you need to pay 50% of the actual deal and when it starts to appear on under ten position in search engine then you need to pay full amount of the deal.

How to Contact SEO Services?

You can click the above link to reach to him. Fill the form and send to him. The other way to contact him is to send a mail to him. The email id is specified their on home page.



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